Get to Know Your Neighbor!

Get to Know Your Neighbor! is weekly Facebook Live show created to help you to get to know local residents and businesses in and around Fishers. Fishers is in our DNA, and as graduates and residents of Fishers, we wanted to take our passion for the local community to showcase all of the amazing people that reside or have businesses here in Fishers. We will be archiving all of our interviews on this page in case you missed any of them!

Make sure to catch us live on every Thursday at 7:30 PM EST!

Episode 31: Mike Poynter – REPLAY COMING SOON!

Episode 30: Jarred Koopman

Episode 29: Cecily Fox

Episode 28: Brian Graham

Episode 27: Curt Tappendorf

Episode 26: Todd Zimmerman

Episode 25: Jessica Landez

Episode 24: Janelle DeWolf

Episode 23: Kimberly Koopman

Episode 22: Larry Lannon

Episode 21: Elisha Haffner

Episode 20: Kim Carlson

Episode 19: AMA and Recap Video

Episode 18: Chris Jeter

Episode 17: Jim Trueblood

Episode 16: Rebecca Stevens

Episode 15: Chris Hebert

Episode 14: Lisa Graft

Episode 13: Johnna Myers

Episode 12: Courtney Andrus

Episode 11: Andy Pedersen

Episode 10: Jennifer Driscoll

Episode 9: Kelly P – Tues, May 19, 2020

Episode 8: Austin Bowman – Thurs, May 14, 2020

Episode 7: Aric Geesaman – Tues, May 12, 2020

Episode 6: Jackie Showalter – Thurs, May 7, 2020

Episode 5: Jim Self – Tues, May 5, 2020

Episode 4: Remington Ramsey – Thurs, Apr 30, 2020

Episode 3: Gary Reynolds – Tues, Apr 28, 2020

Episode 2: Sarah Kruer – Thurs, Apr 23, 2020

Episode 1: Ryan Ahlwardt – Tues, Apr 21, 2020



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